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Stikkord: Stefan Sintéus

Swedish criminal police officers Henrik Malmquist – Eva Årestad Radner – Klas Johansson – Stefan Sinteus guilty of incitement to racial hatred, persecution of an ethnic group and the illegal records on roma children!

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Swedish criminal police officers Henrik Malmquist, Eva Årestad Radner, Klas Johansson and Stefan Sinteus guilty of incitement to racial hatred, persecution of an ethnic group and the illegal records on roma children!

It has been more than a year and a half ago it was revealed that the Swedish police are in possession of an illegal personal data filing of more than 4,000 Roma people.

henrik malmquist - eupol - police- racism - roma -children - sweden - nazi - fascism - criminal

The guilty criminals are;

County Police Eva Årestad Radner, who was head of Skåne police when Roma registry was established in October 2009.

Eva Arestad Radner - Police - Sweden - Racism - Rasist - Romer - Barn - Register

County Police Klas Johansson, who had just taken over as general manager of Skåne police department when the illegal Roma registry was revealed.

KLAS JOHANSSON_POLICE_SWEDEN_ guilty of incitement to racial hatred-persecution of an ethnic group-illegal records on- roma children!


State county police shief and  former director Henrik Malmquist, as October 22, 2009 signed the decision “concerning the processing of personal data in particular investigation,” which laid the foundation for the comprehensive registration of Roma children.


State county police chief and former manager Stefan Sintéus, which in subsequent years did nothing to stop the mass registration of Roma children.

stefan sinteus- romer - register - polis - rasist - racism - police - sweden - hets -mot-folkgrupp

EUPOL police officer Henrik Malmquist arrested a journalist 1st December 2014 to cover up organized child trafficking by the Swedish government


Sweden’s top anti-government journalist arrested for insulting the Swedish government and police

Swedish journalist arrested for ‘anti-state articles’

Lawyer says charges are bogus

Friday 27 December 2014

Police arrested Sweden’s top anti-fascism journalist for revealing that the Swedish government is involved in heroin trade and Swedish police officers are selling guns to street gangs (on the blog

The prominent human rights defending journalist R.Z. was detained in Sweden on Monday 1 December 2014 on anti-state charges for postings deemed critical of the government.

Police (Swat team) arrested R.Z. at his home in Landskrona city.
Police commissioner Henrik Malmquist using corrupt newspaper for propaganda speech

A statement on the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet police chief Henrik Malmquist (EUPOL) said that journalist R.Z. had been arrested for “online articles with bad content and information that discredit and create distrust among state agencies, politicians, judges, journalists, prosecutors and police officers.”

Swedish police chief Henrik Malmquist (in the center on the picture above) said authorities were forced to act because journalist R.Z. had written numerous offensive pieces, including a recent one that allegedly ridiculed the Swedish government, prosecutors, judges and police officers.
Swedish government is the worlds biggest fraud

R.Z. and colleagues have long been critical of Sweden’s one-party system, the Swedish government financing Afghan opium to support Swedish arms (SAAB/Bofors) sales, the corrupt police and bogus justice system.

Swedish government robbing Africa to support the famous Wallenberg family and Lundin Petroleum (Ian and Lukas Lundin) 

Like no other Swedish journalists, R.Z. and colleagues are bold enough to test the limits of Sweden’s so called democracy and the constitutionally enshrined free speech.

Swedish government, prosecutors and police corrupts the media

Prosecutors Ingemar Welander, Yngve Ryden and police chief Henrik Malmquist made sure that the Swedish news media would only write the propaganda made by the government to miscredit the journalist R.Z. before arresting him and search his home for computers and cell phones.

Swedish government and police kidnapping journalist R.Z. to protect pedophiles connected to the king of Sweden

Journalist R.Z. was kidnapped by the Swedish police 19 October 2010 to ensure he did not receive video tapes and other evidence of a pedophile ring connected to the king of Sweden (Carl Gustaf Bernadotte) and the former police chief Göran Lindberg who just recently got out of jail after a six-year sentence for several rapes on minors.

The Swedish king Carl Gustaf and a “friend of a friend” the well known pedophile Lasse A.

More then 180 000 visits on the blog by the Swedish police and government

On the famous blog (hated by the Swedish government, police and judges) massive criticism of convicted pedophile Leif Thorsson (supreme court judge) has been made public. The Swedish pedophile protecting government reports journalist to the police for revealing government crimes.

The convicted pedophile Leif Thorsson has been able to freely continue working as a judge at the Swedish Supreme Court despite the fact that Thorsson is convicted of buying sex from a young boy.
Supreme court judge Marianne Lundius Gernandt

Supreme court judge Marianne Lundius Gernandt states in a police report that journalist R.Z. has written illegal articles about her (that is, revealing her decision about the convicted pedophile Thorsson keeping his job at the supreme court and that Lundius decided that Swedish police officers can work as judges to).

Judge Lundius also weiled about her daughter (used to work for Google) getting publicity on this blog.

Wikileaks mentions the political arrest of Sweden’s top anti-government journalist!


Charlie Hebdo journalists would be arrested by the Swedish police for criticizing the government.

The Swedish hypocrisy newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet with Rakel Chukri pretending to support Charlie Hebdo. This shitty newspaper wrote propaganda article against journalist (Corruptio) who was kidnapped (1 december 2014) by the Swedish fascist gov. for writing articles that criticize state agencies.

Le Premier ministre suédois Stefan Löfven arrêté journaliste Corruptio 1 Décembre 2014 au noyau de datte bali critique autorités suédoises.

Journaliste arrêté en Suède pour exposer plus grands scandales de la Suède!

Condamné innocent d’avoir vendu 125 armes à feu – est devenu un journaliste et a révélé les plus grands scandales.

Ministre suédois des Affaires étrangères Margot Wallström est un hypocrite!

1 décembre 2014 la police suédoise a arrêté un journaliste “Corruptio” parce qu’il révèle les crimes du gouvernement et les autorités se engagent suédoise.

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